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Bus Station


Slips of paper are pasted to the rear walls of Muscovite supermarkets or at bus stations. The public authorities remove them again. New slips of paper will be applied: These concern private offers and wanted ads for rooms, apartments, massages, computer assistance and instant loans. These notes built a thick layer of paper, which is fraying on the edges.
The video work shows the rear wall of a bus station, pasted with slips of paper, which gently rise and fall in every gust of wind. Simultaneously, the observer perceives through the glass or reflected in it the movements of the city. In this video installation the projector’s fan seems to generate the wind stirring the slips of paper.


Bus Station  Bushaus    
Moskau 2010
galerie baer. Dresden 2013
Video Installation / Exhibition View
Apple HDV / Quicktime Movie H.264 / 1920×1080 / 25p
Mute. 60 min. Loop

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20 km north of Moscow spreads the small town, which bears the name of the popular state-owned newspaper of the USSR “Pravda”. Pravda means truth and justice.
At the town’s station people are waiting underneath the place-name sign, which is obliterated by passing trains and becomes again and again visible.
My presence on the other platform and the clearly exposed video camera are accepted by the travelers without comment. The on-going shooting is turned into the counterpart of waiting.


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