Draft for a Façade Projection onto the City Castle Weimar


Draft for a Façade Projection onto the City Castle Weimar
Call for proposals by Genius Loci Weimar 2013
Video scheme: Martina Wolf
Musical composition: Hannes Seidl
Video still from a 30-second preliminary sequence
Working draft for the City Castle / Drawing


“The final goal for all artistic activity is architecture!”
Walter Gropius, The Bauhaus Manifesto, 1919

The pictures and sounds of this audio-visual presentation are not devised.
They consist of original video- and audio recordings.
The concept of the Bauhaus: Architecture as a Synthesis of the Arts.
For this work Gropius’ thought is taken up.
Elements of everyday life are assembled for a complex montage.

THE SOUND: A building site – a gigantic percussion concert.
Hundreds of builders hit in regularly repeating pulses on metal and wood.
The pulses are superimposed.
From countless individual sounds this kind of superposition is newly mixed.
Every single layer is for itself simple.
Only the superposition creates a complex musical surface,
in which one may listen in and may discern the individual percussion rhythms anew.

THE PICTURE: A building site – a huge Panorama.
Hundreds of builders move on regular tracks.
These tracks overlap.
This overlapping is newly compiled from countless sequences.
Every single sequence shows a simple movement.
Only the juxtaposition creates a complex visual surface,
at which one may look and reencounter the individual movements anew.