Glass Blocks #1


Glas-Steine / Hofsicht, Weißes Auto
Glass Blocks / Courtyard View, White Car
Frankfurt am Main. 2019/2020
4K Videos / Mounting / Clipping
Adjustments for 46-inches monitor
H264 1920 × 1080px, 50p
Silent. 35 min. Loop
Preview. 8 min
Lorry driver, Assistant: Oliver Schulz

Glass block walls in a building in Frankfurt am Main: The outward-facing glass block walls reproduce the building opposite in shape gradients within the squarely divided glass structure. All movements in the courtyard - passers-by, the parking movements of a small lorry or the shifting of dustbins - run in gradually changing steps across the glass fields. A fixed camera records the processes in a grid of 3x5 bricks over a period of time.