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Glass Blocks #3


Glass block walls in a building in Frankfurt am Main: In front of a glass block wall, the branches and leaves of a large thistle (Sonchus gomerensis) move with the wind. The course of the sun changes the light on the plant and the reflections in the glass. Selected glass stones are recorded in a fixed section over a long period of time.
The final video image is assembled using the building block principle: a glass block cut out in the video editing programme and inserted 15 times into the image grid, each offset on the time axis by eight seconds, fills the format.
15 time courses are thus made visible simultaneously across the individual fields, and thus the different states of a time span of 2 minutes as a complex in each individual video frame.
Since the timeline offset of eight seconds is in the time of short memory, the structure of the repetition remains clearly recognisable. Equivalent to this, the changes in the light and the ever-changing movements of the plant run through the repetitive stone.
The recordings and combinations of two stones, which last several hours, are presented synchronously on two monitors hanging next to each other. The size of the stones in the video image corresponds to the dimension of the stones in the wall.

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