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Spomenik Braniteljima Dubrovnika


The surface of the cuboid-shaped monument commemorating the siege of the city of Dubrovnik is clad with mirror- and LED-faces. The video sequences shown on the monument are next to the mirrored movements of the actual everyday life at the square: for instance the arrival and departure of cruise tourists and the video of the bombarded city. Each frame that I recorded has been equally split into reflection and video.
The montage has the runtime of a video sequence of the monument. The specially developed stereo sound makes this segmentation audible.


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The video shows a bust of Lenin full-screen standing at its place in the main hall of the Leningradsky Railway Station in Moscow. The bust is bathed in a storm of ever-changing colourful light of promotional video clips cast from the huge video screen opposite. The bust is highlighted in the colourful illumination and vanishes again in the dark, thus it oscillates between sculpture and two-dimensionality.

Moscow 2009
Capture 10
Digital Video (XGA or PAL)
Mute. 8 min 5 sec. Loop


2009_LENIN_SanktPetersburg_Still-01_720x576    2009_LENIN_SanktPetersburg_Still-04_720x576  

Lenin’s sculpture, frozen in a vibrant gesture, towers in front of dark clouds floating past the sky and behind the rhythmically rising water jets of a water game at Moskovskaya Square in Saint Petersburg. Sometimes the water game blankets the monument. The alternating sunlight shows the sculpture of Lenin either three-dimensionally or as a plane silhouette. Three directions of movement run simultaneously: the clouds passing by horizontally, the vertically climbing water jets and the diagonally rising and subsiding sunlight. These movements are in contrast to the rigid presence of the sculpture.


Saint Petersburg 2009
Apple HDV / Quicktime Movie H.264 / XGA or PAL
Mute. 28 min 56 sec. Loop