Still Live: 2019-04-16


A sunny morning in Dresden, 2019, on 16 April.
A large room with three windows, two water bottles standing on a table. As the sun moves, the light fields of the three windows gradually shift, as a geometric projection, across the white tabletop and the wall piece behind it.
The video work is created by recording this process, for four hours.
The image of the two water bottles on the table creates a still-life motif.
Slowly and almost regularly, air bubbles rise in the bottles. From time to time, the wind moves even brighter patches of light through the motif with the window panes, running towards the visibly wandering shadows.



Drei Fenster, zwei Flaschen. 2019-04-16
Three windows, two bottles. 2019-04-16
Dresden. 2019
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