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Four Lemons


A still-life motif: four lemons lie on a table.
On a sunny morning, the light fields from three windows move across the table.
The recording of this process, four hours long, results in the video.
The movement of the shadows is clearly visible in the section of the recording.
From time to time the wind moves the windows.
Mirrored surfaces of light glide across the table, following the course of the shadows.
The light and the shadow change the yellow of the lemons.


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Still Live: 2019-04-24


Another sunny morning in Dresden, 2019, 24 April.
In the large room with three windows, there are two water bottles on the table. The light fields of the three windows gradually shift, now slightly offset with the course of the sun and the year, across the white tabletop and the piece of wall behind it.
The video work is made at the same time as on 16 April, as a recording over four hours.
Slowly and almost regularly, air bubbles rise in the bottles. From time to time, the wind moves even brighter patches of light through the motif with the window panes, running towards the visibly wandering shadows.


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Five Lemons


Five lemons lie on a table: a still-life motif.
The light fields from two sunlit windows move across this table.
Recording this process, for two hours, creates the video.
The course of the shadows is clearly visible.
From time to time the wind moves the windows.
The shadow axes then glide ahead or back their way once more.
As a preview or flashback, referring to cinematic means.

F√ľnf Zitronen
Five Lemons
Frankfurt am Main. 2019
4K Video
Adjustment for 40-inch Monitor
Quicktime Movie H264
3840x2160px / 25p or
1920x1080px / 25p
120 min
Mute. Loop