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Haus Setup


The perspective from the window towards a house and the reflection of this house in the window pane are framed in equal parts in the format of a video image. With the movement of the window pane the reflection of the house is repositioned on the glass surface. The space of the picture changes gradually, and new building constellations appear within the image detail.
By opening and closing the shutters that are installed in front of the window, different parts of the house are successively obscured and again released. Determined by the tempo of the engines of the shutters, the architectural space constantly changes also. All processes of opening and closing and the possibility of the reflection are combined to a sixty minute long sequence of image space- and perspective possi­bilities.

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Venetian Blind


An office at Frankfurt’s East Harbour: By opening the window in one corner of the room, the view of the other window is overlaid. In the opened window a building of the harbour area is reflected, through the closed window an industrial landscape is visible. The video shows the overlaying.
During the recording time, the venetian blinds in front of both windows are automatically raised and lowered as well as the opening angle of their slats modified. The varying angles allow a view towards the industrial landscape or show the house in its reflection. An overlaid view is facilitated, determined by the brightness within the theme.
By mechanical means a crossfading effect is achieved. The rhythmical mechanical movement of the venetian blinds create a smooth transition. The concrete representation of the vistas is either directly shown, mirrored and superposed or the lines of the venetian blinds stand out more prominently, and thus the depiction of the external space seemingly dissolves.

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