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Window Motifs / Olevano Romano / 2013


The camera focuses from an interior space towards the broad windows of an abandoned, run-down schoolhouse in Olevano Romano, whereby the mountain range of the Italian landscape is only vaguely visible through the fogged up and stained glass panes. Just with the changing light their silhouette is gradually more highlighted. (Yet, through the opened sliding window, the landscape appears sharply contoured.) In front of the house there is a shade-producing concrete wall, which has arched recesses cut out in front of every window. Thus, the sash bars form a raster, which is sliced through by a wide semicircle. In front of the windows there are remnants of blinds dangling.
At first, the works are montages of photographs in sequences in multiple exposures. Thus, interior and exterior space become equally visible.
The photo series of one window show different situations.
Some videos result from the montage of sequences with minimal movements into the photomasks. The barely noticeable movements of the blinds’ pull cord and the gradually highlighted landscape are the only clues proving that these are not photos but videos. Other videos are created by cross-fading interval shootings. Fixed situations start to dissolve.
The series address the relation between the photo’s statics and the video’s movements: the photo bears the potential of movement in itself. In the video, the movement is reduced to the degree that a standstill is getting palpable. The photo tends towards the video, the video towards the photo.

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Frankfurt Window


The former Oberfinanzdirektion / Regional Finance Office building on Adickesallee in Frankfurt: On the eighth floor, a view of the cityscape is recorded, indirectly, using only the reflections in a window. By slowly moving the window, the buildings of the surrounding neighbourhood gradually appear at one edge of the pane and disappear at the other edge. The wall recesses visible through the window pane, and the window frame divide the video vertically. In contrast, the skyline, as well as the lines of the moving window blinds pass through horizontally. The video starts and ends with the window closed.

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Half Pipe

A half pipe is filmed from a high window. The reflection, separated from the direct view by the vertical window frame, seemingly completes the ramp’s shape. Yet, the window reflects the part outside of the image, and the boy on his BMX bike performing looping manoeuvres leads continuously back to the divided image.



Half Pipe  Halfpipe    
Dresden 2008
Digital Video (DV-Cam) / DVD PAL
Mute. 10 min 30 sec. Loop



This series of nine video works has been created in 2008 in Dresden at the former Eastern German state enterprise ROBOTRON, an industrial prefabricated construction of office buildings. The air circulation and the easy manoeuvrability of the window wings set the mirror images of the window panes into a permanent swaying motion.
The nine video sequences feature a similar image build-up: The window frame runs vertically through the image. The window frame separates the direct view towards the opposite building façade from the reflection.
The views are rigidly structured by the windows’ raster of the building. The focal lengths vary. Besides the aspect of moving reflections, the whole video series documents the renovation works on the building: the aged condition of the concrete façade, the scaffolding in front, the covering of the windows, the works on the house and the freshly painted appearance. In one of the windows a skeleton dummy has been placed next to other objects, which are visible in addition to the movement.



JA/NEIN. Ansichten 1, 4

YES/NO. Views 1, 4
Dresden 2008
Digital Video (DV-Cam) / DVD PAL
Mute. Each 7 min. Loop

Perspective Columbus / Ohio I


Eine geschlossene Sichtblende strukturiert das Videobild horizontal. Das langsame Öffnen der Sichtblende erscheint zu Anfang wie ein Bildflimmern und lässt dann allmählich schemenhaft die Stadt erkennen, deren horizontale Straßenführung sich in die Sichtblende einordnet, sodass der dreidimensionale Stadtraum zur Fläche wird. Fahrzeuge scheinen zwischen den Lamellen der Sichtblende zu fahren. Die Aufwärtsbewegung beim langsamen Öffnen der Sichtblende korrespondiert mit den Bewegungen Außen. Das Spiel zwischen Zweidimensionalität und Dreidimensionalität endet im freien Blick in die Ferne. 

2007_Ausblick_Columbus-Ohio_2_Still-02_720x576    2007_Ausblick_Columbus-Ohio_2_Still-01_720x576

Perspective Columbus /Ohio II
Ausblick Columbus/Ohio II
Columbus/Ohio 2007
Digital Video / DVD PAL
Mute. 24 min 7 sec. Loop



Perspective Columbus / Ohio I
Ausblick Columbus / Ohio I
Columbus/Ohio 2007
Digital Video / DVD PAL
Mute. 21 min 36 sec. Loop

2007_Ausblick_Columbus-Ohio_1_Still-03_720x576    2007_Ausblick_Columbus-Ohio_1_Still-02_720x576

Haus Setup


The perspective from the window towards a house and the reflection of this house in the window pane are framed in equal parts in the format of a video image. With the movement of the window pane the reflection of the house is repositioned on the glass surface. The space of the picture changes gradually, and new building constellations appear within the image detail.
By opening and closing the shutters that are installed in front of the window, different parts of the house are successively obscured and again released. Determined by the tempo of the engines of the shutters, the architectural space constantly changes also. All processes of opening and closing and the possibility of the reflection are combined to a sixty minute long sequence of image space- and perspective possi­bilities.

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Venetian Blind


An office at Frankfurt’s East Harbour: By opening the window in one corner of the room, the view of the other window is overlaid. In the opened window a building of the harbour area is reflected, through the closed window an industrial landscape is visible. The video shows the overlaying.
During the recording time, the venetian blinds in front of both windows are automatically raised and lowered as well as the opening angle of their slats modified. The varying angles allow a view towards the industrial landscape or show the house in its reflection. An overlaid view is facilitated, determined by the brightness within the theme.
By mechanical means a crossfading effect is achieved. The rhythmical mechanical movement of the venetian blinds create a smooth transition. The concrete representation of the vistas is either directly shown, mirrored and superposed or the lines of the venetian blinds stand out more prominently, and thus the depiction of the external space seemingly dissolves.

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