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WALL / Cable


WALL / Cable #2 
WAND / Kabel #2
Daniel Marzona. Berlin 2017
Video Installation / Exhibition View

In the projection Wand / Kabel (wall / cable), the colored rear wall of a shopping center in the city of Offenbach can be seen with the superintendent’s repairs and overpainted graffiti. Wolf mounts the film motif of a cable slightly moving on the static levels of the wall. Through the interweaving of various levels, real spaces, and pictorial illusions, she plays with the perception of the viewer, who takes what is seen for reality.


WALL / Cable #1
WAND / Kabel #1
Offenbach am Main 2017
HD Videos / Photographs / Montage
Still #1
Quicktime Movie H.264 / 1920x1080 / 25p /
Mute. 8 min. Loop

Wall / Plastic Film



Wall / Plastic Film  Wand / Folie  
Bunker Space / Schauraum Wiensowski & Harbord Berlin 2013
Video Installation / Exhibition View
HD Video / Quicktime Movie H.264 / 1920×1080 / 25p
Mute. 9 min 24 sec. Loop

To see is the colour design of a rear wall of a shopping centre in Offenbach including corrections and whitewashings of graffiti.
Video: For a long time, a crumpled piece of transparent foil lies unmoving in front of the wall. Then, barely noticeable, a corner starts moving in the wind. After a while the piece slips further. Finally, it is blown off the frame.
Photographs / Montages: Individual circle elements of the wall’s design in Offenbach including all damages and repair traces are precisely photographed, printed out and pasted as a wall frize into the exhibition space.



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1 Euro


By inserting 1 Euro the red plastic Ferrari in front of a car park’s entrance next to a shopping centre in Offenbach is put into motion. The plaything swings 33 times back and forth. Its movements activate the red sliding door, which is controlled via a light barrier sensor. The car stops, the door stands still.

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