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The work shows a section of the architecture of the former Botanical Institute adjacent to the Botanical Garden in Frankfurt am Main. The tree of the gods (Ailanthus altissima), which is part of the picture, invasively colonises the vacant spaces of large cities as a neophyte, including Frankfurt. In this place, the tree close to the house becomes a sign of vacancy and wasted potential uses.
The motif shows a small yet characteristic part of the building façade of the Kramer Building: the reinforced concrete structure clad in yellow clinker bricks, ventilation openings and windows closed with screens and wooden panels. The architectural elements photographed from the front create an abstract (pastel/grey) surface grid. Only the moving branches of the tree and the changing incidence of light and shadows make the image recognisable as a moving image.
In its naturalistic colourfulness and size, the video relates directly to the current presentation space. The movement of the light and the tree creates the duration. By mirroring the image and rewinding the time, the second part of the video simulates the course of light in the evening.
Two photographs taken during the video production process were edited for large-format prints. The first photograph shows the motif before the sunlight hits the façade. The second photograph shows the façade in sunlight. In the photographs, the abstraction in the greyscale draws attention to the differentiated formal structure of the motif, to the surfaces and lines that are shaped differently in the two states. The simultaneous visibility of the two image states, which are half an hour behind each other at the time of the photograph, provokes comparison and opens up a visible space of possibility.

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WALL / Cable


WALL / Cable #2 
WAND / Kabel #2
Daniel Marzona. Berlin 2017
Video Installation / Exhibition View

In the projection Wand / Kabel (wall / cable), the colored rear wall of a shopping center in the city of Offenbach can be seen with the superintendent’s repairs and overpainted graffiti. Wolf mounts the film motif of a cable slightly moving on the static levels of the wall. Through the interweaving of various levels, real spaces, and pictorial illusions, she plays with the perception of the viewer, who takes what is seen for reality.


WALL / Cable #1
WAND / Kabel #1
Offenbach am Main 2017
HD Videos / Photographs / Montage
Still #1
Quicktime Movie H.264 / 1920x1080 / 25p /
Mute. 8 min. Loop

Transformer House Wall / Neon Light


Transformer House Wall. Wall / Neon Light
Transformatoren-Haus-Wand. Wand / Neonlicht
Daniel Marzona. Berlin. 2017
Video Projection / Exhibition View

The video work Transformatoren-Haus-Wand / Neonlicht (transformer-house-wall / neon light) shows the wall of a house with large surfaces painted in different colors, photographed in downtown Moscow. There are traces of graffiti, which the authorities do not tolerate and have tried to expunge by painting them over with oil and emulsion paints in various tones. Wolf’s media artworks are created successively. First, she photographed some of the overpainted house walls in Moscow, part for part, and put them back together as large pictures on a computer. As a video level, the photo of a neon light going on and off is laid over the wall photograph with its various degrees of brightness. The changes produce the actual video image: the colors of the wall flicker rhythmically in the light of the malfunctioning lamp. This simple combination of the static and the dynamic is characteristic of Wolf’s works.


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Wall / Plastic Film



Wall / Plastic Film  Wand / Folie  
Bunker Space / Schauraum Wiensowski & Harbord Berlin 2013
Video Installation / Exhibition View
HD Video / Quicktime Movie H.264 / 1920×1080 / 25p
Mute. 9 min 24 sec. Loop

To see is the colour design of a rear wall of a shopping centre in Offenbach including corrections and whitewashings of graffiti.
Video: For a long time, a crumpled piece of transparent foil lies unmoving in front of the wall. Then, barely noticeable, a corner starts moving in the wind. After a while the piece slips further. Finally, it is blown off the frame.
Photographs / Montages: Individual circle elements of the wall’s design in Offenbach including all damages and repair traces are precisely photographed, printed out and pasted as a wall frize into the exhibition space.



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Transformer House Wall / Two Doors


Despite their prohibition, graffiti advance further towards Moscow’s city centre. As a kind of non-conformist expression, graffiti are not tolerated. Instead of taking costly restoring measures, the public authorities have the house walls partially repainted in different colour shades of oil- and dispersion paint. Structured house walls come into being through these large multi-coloured sections.
Some house walls are systematically photographed, section-by-section, and then digitally pieced together to large formats. The texture of the wall and the paint structures are meticulously captured. A strong illusion of spatial depth is achieved by combining numerous individual perspectives. The wall sections with their repainted traces will be brought to other (exhibition-)spaces as large-sized photographic works/objects.



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