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Spomenik Braniteljima Dubrovnika


The surface of the cuboid-shaped monument commemorating the siege of the city of Dubrovnik is clad with mirror- and LED-faces. The video sequences shown on the monument are next to the mirrored movements of the actual everyday life at the square: for instance the arrival and departure of cruise tourists and the video of the bombarded city. Each frame that I recorded has been equally split into reflection and video.
The montage has the runtime of a video sequence of the monument. The specially developed stereo sound makes this segmentation audible.


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Tea Glass


During the journey to Odessa there is a glass of tea standing in front of the train window. Next to it lies a spoon. The train’s movements cause the elliptical surface of the tea to tremble as does the spoon. The stationary camera captures the various movements: the passing by landscape, the gentle ripple on the tea surface, the jiggling of the spoon, the play of light between spoon and tea glass and the latter’s wandering shadow. The train stops. Passengers on the platform. The agitated still life freezes. The train moves forward. The still life starts moving.

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Train Ride


During the journey from Moscow to Odessa, the view from the train window is recorded. The video camera is connected with a laptop, which is placed in the centre of the image. The recording is transmitted to the computer and filmed once again. Due to the technically caused delay the Ukrainian landscape passes by in a time-staggered fashion in the display windows. The multiply replicated reflections, their pictorial depths, intersect with the horizontal movement of the ride.



Train Ride  Zugfahrt    
Train Ride Moskau – Odessa 2011
Apple HDV / Quicktime Movie H.264 / 1680×1050 / 25p
Mute. 15 min. Loop

Automatic Door


The automatic door of a bank building and its inscription rotate steadily. Thus, the city’s reflections are
replicated in a fragmented manner. This process runs asynchronously to a sequence shown on a
monitor placed next to the revolving door.


Automatic Door  Automatiktür
Commerzbank AG, Head Quarter
Frankfurt am Main 2011
Video Installation / Exhibition View
Apple HDV / Quicktime Movie H.264 / 1920×1080 / 25p
Mute. 12 min 15 sec. Loop

Commerzbank Logo


Lobby, Headquarters of the Commerzbank, Frankfurt on the Main: Upon opening and closing of a round glass door, its movable elements shift the inscription lines of the company logo affixed to the door. The characters slide past one another, shortly stop and spin back. The camera records these movements. Monitors function as their multiplication.

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Burkhard Brunn

On board of a double-deck carriage of a regional train the view wanders past two blue backrests through a glass door at the top left – two, three steps up – towards a young, blond women, who is sitting motionless. Sunlight flits over the horizontally assembled handrail in the screen’s centre, wriggles on the steps and slithers up and down the grabpole. The bouncing light is the player in this space. Behind the sectioned windows – just barely visible – trees rush past. Outside speed and inside a sometimes brighter gleaming, sometimes a darker static stillness, which is streaked or abruptly punctuated by flitting light spots accompanied by vague and inscrutable reflections of the landscape that flash by horizont­ally. At the upper right of the image, there is a display to provide infor­mation for the passengers. This monitor either flickers in red, green or blue. Then suddenly all is immersed in red. Red surface. Like an explosion of the monitor. Then the motionless profile of the woman and the scintil­lating light. Then suddenly all is immersed in green. Green surface. Then the stone-still woman and the straying light. Then all is immersed in blue. Blue surface. Light within space or coloured surface? Space or surface – the long established problem of painting. Then from the front and in full screen, the train conductress approaches, the young women turns her head and will soon get off.

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Day of Victory


On May 8th and 9th, on the Day of the Victory over Fascism, a national holiday in Russia, Moscow’s huge video screens in the city centre do not display any advertising spots but show dramatic film scenes from the Second World War, the triumph of the Red Army. From a stationary camera position the large screens are recorded as an essential component of the city.
In the year 2009, the war events on the screens, the urban traffic and the flying flags blend rather naturally into parallel processes. In the year 2010, the house on the riverbank – residence of the Muscovite nomenklatura during the thirties – serves as background for the war events on the screens and the urban traffic.

Day of Victory. Moscow, May 9, 2010
Tag des Sieges. Moskau, 9. Mai 2009
Apple HDV / Quicktime Movie
H.264 / 1920×1080 / 25p
Mute. 14 min 56 sec. Loop


Day of Victory. Moscow, May 9, 2010
Tag des Sieges. Moskau, 9. Mai 2010
Video Stills
Apple HDV / Quicktime Movie
H.264 / 1920×1080 / 25p
Mute. 17 min 56 sec. Loop