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WINDOWS Nuove Corviale / Rome // VIDEO #1

Video 1: Sequence of 10 Window Views
Video Installation with Green Plants / Flower Pots in front of the Projection Screen


Fenster Finestre Windows
Levels / Piani 5–9 // Blocks  / Lotti 3, 5
Photographs / Montage
Quicktime Movie H264 /  1440 × 1080 px  / 50p or
2880 ×  2160  px  / 50p
Sequence of 10 Parts
Duration of each part: 30 sec
plus Titel and Intermediate Image (+ 4 sec + 1 sec)
Total length: 5 min 50 sec, Loop
Video projection: size 3,50 ×  2,65  m
Installation with green plants / flower pots
in front of the projection screen

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WINDOWS Nuove Corviale / Rom // VIDEO #2

Fotografische Vorlagen für Bewegte Bilder
Video 2: Animierte Video-Bilder aus montierten Fotobändern


Landschaft / Fenster
Paesaggio / Finestre
Landscape  / Windows
Levels / Piani 6–9 // Blocks  /  Lotti 3, 4, 5
Photo Strips / 18000 × 1200 px
Photo Strips 1–3
Photo Templates for Animated Images
Quicktime Movie H264 / 1600 × 1200 px / 50p
Duration per Motif: 20 min
plus Titel and Intermediate Image (4 sec + 1 sec)
Total length: 4 h 1 min, Loop
Monitor Presentation


Still: Video Track 1
Level / Piano 9 // Block  / Lotto 3


Still: Video Track 2
Level / Piano 9 // Block  / Lotto 4

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WALL / Cable


WALL / Cable #2 
WAND / Kabel #2
Daniel Marzona. Berlin 2017
Video Installation / Exhibition View

In the projection Wand / Kabel (wall / cable), the colored rear wall of a shopping center in the city of Offenbach can be seen with the superintendent’s repairs and overpainted graffiti. Wolf mounts the film motif of a cable slightly moving on the static levels of the wall. Through the interweaving of various levels, real spaces, and pictorial illusions, she plays with the perception of the viewer, who takes what is seen for reality.


WALL / Cable #1
WAND / Kabel #1
Offenbach am Main 2017
HD Videos / Photographs / Montage
Still #1
Quicktime Movie H.264 / 1920x1080 / 25p /
Mute. 8 min. Loop

Transformer House Wall / Neon Light


Transformer House Wall. Wall / Neon Light
Transformatoren-Haus-Wand. Wand / Neonlicht
Daniel Marzona. Berlin. 2017
Video Projection / Exhibition View

The video work Transformatoren-Haus-Wand / Neonlicht (transformer-house-wall / neon light) shows the wall of a house with large surfaces painted in different colors, photographed in downtown Moscow. There are traces of graffiti, which the authorities do not tolerate and have tried to expunge by painting them over with oil and emulsion paints in various tones. Wolf’s media artworks are created successively. First, she photographed some of the overpainted house walls in Moscow, part for part, and put them back together as large pictures on a computer. As a video level, the photo of a neon light going on and off is laid over the wall photograph with its various degrees of brightness. The changes produce the actual video image: the colors of the wall flicker rhythmically in the light of the malfunctioning lamp. This simple combination of the static and the dynamic is characteristic of Wolf’s works.


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1 Euro


By inserting 1 Euro the red plastic Ferrari in front of a car park’s entrance next to a shopping centre in Offenbach is put into motion. The plaything swings 33 times back and forth. Its movements activate the red sliding door, which is controlled via a light barrier sensor. The car stops, the door stands still.

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Window Motifs / Olevano Romano / 2013


The camera focuses from an interior space towards the broad windows of an abandoned, run-down schoolhouse in Olevano Romano, whereby the mountain range of the Italian landscape is only vaguely visible through the fogged up and stained glass panes. Just with the changing light their silhouette is gradually more highlighted. (Yet, through the opened sliding window, the landscape appears sharply contoured.) In front of the house there is a shade-producing concrete wall, which has arched recesses cut out in front of every window. Thus, the sash bars form a raster, which is sliced through by a wide semicircle. In front of the windows there are remnants of blinds dangling.
At first, the works are montages of photographs in sequences in multiple exposures. Thus, interior and exterior space become equally visible.
The photo series of one window show different situations.
Some videos result from the montage of sequences with minimal movements into the photomasks. The barely noticeable movements of the blinds’ pull cord and the gradually highlighted landscape are the only clues proving that these are not photos but videos. Other videos are created by cross-fading interval shootings. Fixed situations start to dissolve.
The series address the relation between the photo’s statics and the video’s movements: the photo bears the potential of movement in itself. In the video, the movement is reduced to the degree that a standstill is getting palpable. The photo tends towards the video, the video towards the photo.

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